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It’s All Happening at the Hovingham!

Wishing you a warm welcome to the Hovingham Inn!

The newly refurbished Hovingham Inn will reopen in late Spring this year in the capable and experienced hands of chef Richard Johns and his wife Lindsey Johns. They will be offering Richard’s award winning cooking in the 30-seater restaurant, as well as in the flag-stoned bar, where everyone will be welcome.

Wanting to celebrate a special event or just to mark the end of the working week? Can’t be bothered to cook when you get home? Out with the family and in need of a quick bite for everyone? Taken the dog for a  walk around the charming village of Hovingham? Been for a strenuous hike in the country and in need of serious sustenance? If you feel the need for refreshments, whether it’s a bar snack or a full meal, the Hovingham Inn can cater for your needs.

Lindsey has a reputation for keeping an excellent pint, so you can be certain that if it’s beer you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed. She also has an eye for an excellent wine list, so if your tipple is more grape-related, there’s guaranteed to be something delightful to wet your whistle with. Equally, for those of you who prefer not to indulge in alcohol, there is a wide choice of teas, coffees and soft drinks.

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